Process Flow

Foreign Worker Application Process



Application Stage

  • Employer initiates a request for foreign workers.
  • We provide a comprehensive checklist outlining the required documents.
  • Employer submits the necessary documents.
  • Our team reviews and prepares the submission to
    • JTK (Department of Labour Penisular Malaysia)
    • KSM (Ministry of Home Affairs) 
  • JTK conducts a thorough review and interviews the employer.
  • Upon approval, KSM releases the number of workers approved.
  • Employer proceeds with the payment of the required levy.



Recruitment Stage

  • Employer selects the desired country of recruitment and informs us.
  • Alice Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency swiftly liaises with the embassy department to secure the necessary worker allocation.
  • We obtain biodata from the foreign agent representing the selected country.
  • Employer selects the candidate and we promptly submit the biodata to FWCMS for processing.
  • JIM releases the calling visa for the approved workers.
  • We efficiently handle the document transfer to the foreign agent.



Onboarding Process

  • The foreign agent proceeds with arranging the air tickets for the workers.
  • We accompany the employer or the employer's staff to declare the workers' arrival.
  • The workers are then transported to the designated hostel.
  • The following day, we arrange for the workers to undergo a comprehensive medical checkup, including FOMEMA.
  • After the checkup, if the workers are deemed fit, we proceed with obtaining the necessary permits from the immigration authorities.
  • If any worker is found unfit, we arrange for a replacement.
The entire process typically takes about 6 -9 months*.

* Please note that the process may be subject to variations and adjustments based on specific circumstances and government regulations.

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